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  • In this time of economic, political and social turmoil, some colleagues and I have launched an online business news publication - TradePost USA - to promote international trade, particularly to and from the U.S., and by extension, an appreciation for the wider world around us.

    Our weekly email newsletter is free and we would welcome any and all IvyLife members who are interested in becoming subscribers. You can sign up on our website, through the newsletter - last week's issue is here: http://bit.ly/TradePostUSA190903 - or you can email me at victorlee@tradepostusa.com.

    Thanks, Victor

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  • Hi all! You are welcome to join the new group, IvyLife College Admissions. I just posted my takeaways from the live event last week at which the Wall Street Journal 2020 college rankings were announced--including a link to a very short video I took of the announcement of the Number One College. Why the groans? Join the group and find out--and see where your alma mater ranked this year.

    • Hi Marlena,

      I would like to join the new group.  I’m also looking forward to hearing your college admissions webinar.  

      I work with college students to help them manage stress.  I’m concerned that most students aren’t prepared for college life and that has led to an increase in anxiety and depression on campuses. 

      I’m sure you have some thoughts on the subject.  My coaching teaches students how to implement healthy habits and stress reducing strategies into their daily lives.  


      Dale Troy 

      • Dale — your work sounds like exactly what today's over-scheduled, stressed-out high school students need — keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Marlena — I'm looking forward to your college admissions webinar for IvyLife tomorrow evening!  Here is the link for those who are interested.

      IvyLife Webinar on College Admissions — Featuring Lifetime IvyLife Member Dr. Marlena Corcoran
      IvyLife Members — Select "Going" to RSVP  |  Non-Members — to RSVP email chris@inthehouse.org or CLICK HERE JOIN US FOR THIS INFORMATIVE WEBINAR WITH…
  • I think the website is fine. Improvements can be made along the way. It seems to me that your exhaustive efforts to create an IVYLIFE presence should allow some slack since you are alone to a large extent in this venture. Thanks 

    for all your efforts.


    Pat Crispo 

    • Thanks for your support Pat.  Luckily I am not truly alone as I have great support within the IvyLife community itself.

      All the best,


      • I agree with Pat. Now that the site has commenced, I’m quite sure that Chris will accept help from anyone with the expertise to make it better!

        • Absolutely — thank you Marian!  I am confident that talented IvyLifers will come forward with the necessary expertise.

          Happy Summer Everyone!

  • You need a more sophisticated design. This one looks cheap.

This reply was deleted.


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