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  • I think the website is fine. Improvements can be made along the way. It seems to me that your exhaustive efforts to create an IVYLIFE presence should allow some slack since you are alone to a large extent in this venture. Thanks 

    for all your efforts.


    Pat Crispo 

    • Thanks for your support Pat.  Luckily I am not truly alone as I have great support within the IvyLife community itself.

      All the best,


      • I agree with Pat. Now that the site has commenced, I’m quite sure that Chris will accept help from anyone with the expertise to make it better!

  • You need a more sophisticated design. This one looks cheap.

    • Thank you for the unfiltered feedback Pamela. 

      We admittedly are prioritizing affordability (hence the reasonable dues), while hoping that our members will focus on having substantive and interesting discussions.  That has certainly been the case at our in-person IvyLife gatherings over the last 10 years.

      That said, we'd love to enhance the aesthetic aspects of the site, as design certainly does matter and enhances users' experiences.

      Are you offering your services to help?

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